Consortial Licensing - Introduction

Consortial Licensing


The CIC libraries seek to develop a robust collaboration around content licensing, so that member libraries can expect to realize cost savings, operational efficiencies, and to exert influence over the scholarly publishing market. 


Recent licensing highlights include the following:

Elsevier E-books

The CIC libraries have acquired the complete ScienceDirect eBooks collections for 2008, 2009, and 2010. As a result, libraries and patrons in CIC member institutions will be able to access over 1,300 titles across 18 science, technical and medical subject areas.Later this year, ScienceDirect will partner with selected libraries from CIC to conduct joint usage studies to better understand the value of these ebooks in driving world-class research, teaching and learning. Findings from this study will be shared with the global library and research community.

Wiley Online Books

The CIC libraries have acquired 2200 online books from Wiley-Blackwell that span 2007, 2008, and 2009. The collections include content that covers science, technology, medicine, business, and social sciences.

Springer E-Books

In a partnership with Ingram Digital and Springer Science + Business Media, the CIC libraries purchased the entire English language e-book output from Springer for 2005-2010. Researchers and students will have unparalleled access to material previously available on in a print format. This partnership compliments the CIC-Google book scanning project because both projects increase the material available to all CIC members.