CIC Staff Contact

Galen Rafferty
Assistant Director
Technology Collaboration
Phone: (217) 265-0848

Sharon Lee
Office Support Specialist
Technology Collaboration
Phone: (217) 300-0386

Campus Contacts

Data Storage Working Group

Shared Storage Services

Shared Storage Services


The CIC CIOs, at the encouragement of the CIC Provosts, are exploring possibilities involving data storage support for collaborative CIC researchers.  The Data Storage Work Group is a cross-campus group led by the CIC CIOs which is comprised of representatives from IT, libraries, research offices, super computing centers and research computing support units. The group is focused on the following three initiatives:

  • Three different campus surveys on data storage capacity, sensitive data strategies, and campus storage (including cloud) strategies
  • Tracking data storage projects of interest such as the CDL Data Management Planning tool and Digital Preservation Network (DPN).
  • Exploring opportunities for collaboration in researcher profile services (VIVO, SciVal Experts, ORCID, etc.)
Resources for CIC Researchers

National/International Data Repositories

Data Storage Tapes

NSF/NIH Data Management Plans

UW-Mad Stem Cell Researcher in Lab